About Us

Welcome to the OpenPit Blog. OpenPit strives for pursuit of scientific knowledge to help all of mankind in the present and future.  OpenPit is currently run by two undergraduate students with different areas of expertise and interests in the science field.

We hope to provide intriguing and ground breaking coverage of new breakthroughs in science and technology for all those curious minds out there.  If anyone out there has a desire to help or any ideas that they want to contribute we are all open ears. Do not hesitate!

Aditya Rana
Location: United States of America
Focus: Biotechnology

Philip Metzger
Location: Australia
Focus: Computer Science

One response to this post.

  1. I work as an graphic designer at Umea University and helps our PhDs when they are printing their Thesises. Therefore I need to know who has the copyright for the picture telomere.jpg which is illustrating an article on your blog Immortality? by Aditya Rana. And of course if its OK to use it on the cover of a Thesis from the Medical Biology Institution at our University.
    I have to appologise for my poor English writing…


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