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Be A Mind Blower

Imagine this: you’re blowing imaginary soap bubbles, smoothly … Now there’s a twist: it’s not your yoga class, and instead of bubbles, you’re moving virtual digital objects. In other words, you’re scrolling, zooming, panning, moving, setting volume levels, skipping tracks… and so on.From anywhere you happen to be in the world, judge others’ ideas and win a Motorola Droid™ Smartphone or a Samsung Go™ Netbook. You will select the most mind blowing ideas in the fields of gaming, PCs, phones, assistive (tech for a better access to computers), music, etc.
This is today made possible thanks to a beautifully intuitive and intelligent sensor developed by Zyxio be embedded in a million things, from the boom of your gaming headset to the collar of your snowboard jacket, as well as Bluetooth® accessories and more.

Now what do I need from you? well this:

STEP 1: Sign up there please.

STEP 2: Now and enter your sign up details (if you aint logged in already)

STEP 3: search by: ‘MB Field of Interest’ and selectMultimodal, Virtual Reality’ in the box.

STEP 4: Find the username ‘philmetz’ in that column and click on philmetz, The click RATE THIS CONCEPT and give me 5 stars.

STEP 5: Vote for me again as you got 2 votes each day, now repeat this every day for 37 days, dont be lazy

NOTE: When you vote you enter the chance to win a Samsung Go Netbook or Motorola Droid Smartphone. Keep it up!